Dare 2 Do IT! May 22nd 2009

Lost the Fear Overnight

Maha is a supervisor working in the government office for last fifteen years. He manages more than fifty associates, trains them and leads them on a day-to-day basis.

Yet he is scared of one thing – appearing for an exam. In the government sector one gets a promotion either when they pass exams conducted by the government office or through years of experience. The latter is a slow process.

Yet our friend didn’t appear for any exams as he has developed exam fear right from his early age. The irony is that he is helping his associates to get through their own exams!

He tried YING-YANG balancing pills except for the reason that Balakumar wanted to see the effects of the pills –the benefit derived out of using them. Balakumar told him that it is good for handling temper tantrums of children.

Surprise-o-surprise, it did have an effect on Maha – though a different one. Guess what! He had to loose his twenty-five year old exam fear overnight!!!

Do you dare to try that too like Maha?

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Healing Mantra for Organ – Throat

The driver of Shobana tried various medications for his cough but to no effect. She asked him to chant BAM. Within few days of chanting his cough got reduced to a greater extent.

BAM is an excellent remedy for any throat related issues.

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Activating The Resource Of Lord Krishna

You should play life as a game – as Lord Krishna did.

How can you do that?

Activate his resource by tapping it (EFT). Affirm, “I choose to see life as a game as Lord Krishna has seen it”.

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Need Fair Treatment In The Court

(From the April Monthly Meet 2009)

Kaushalya mother told Rama when he was leaving for the forest that he will always be protected by Dharma (fairness) and Satyam (truthfulness) and will shadow him through out the journey.

Both Dharma and Satyam have separate consciousness – which means that they are energy entities and therefore you can call them anytime for help.

Let us say in the court proceedings, you want fairness in favour of you. You can directly talk to Dharma and Satyam and ask them, “Please be with me for next eight hrs”. They will be with you and will get the verdict in favour of you.

When Satyam and Dharma accompanies a person nothing can go against the person. Call Dharma and Satyam and affirm, “As it prevailed with Rama, please be with us”.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. saravana kumar kannaiyan

    Dear Naran, I have seen most of your blog posts today and much interested. I shall come to tnagar to buy the cd on chakra meditation. then I need an help from you. Im married for last 13 years and my wife for the last 2 years left me without any reason. we have one child. I cannot leave my child and very much attached to him. she does not want to live with me and for no reason. my father aged 88 years has seen the child only on the day he was born, my sisters have not been shownmy son. my wife threatens that she will run away if i take to show them the kid. now even im not allowed to see or touch my son. my wife does not give any reason. Im going from temple to temple for the return of my son back to me. I am aged 44 and now at this age i feel lonely and cheated by my wife. the money earned by me she has taken with her when she left. I want my son to come back to me and also my wife should bring the son to see my father who is very ill. He is crying in tears daily to see his grand son. Im not sleeping since i lost and was deceived by my wife. How can you help me in this. Regards, K Saravana Kumar. my email is ksaravanakumar43@gmail.com

  2. dear saravana kumar kannaiyan,

    chant GURU GUGAN KODI KODI LAVANYAM. you have to take the flower remedies. if you come in person i will give you some remedies.

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