Amazing SwitchWords!!! Aussies Beware!!!

Dare 2 Do IT! June 5th 2009

Amazing Switch Words

To get new ideas – I use the Switch Word ON. While I am designing I use ON.  I was designing Festoon, invitation cards for our Buddhism function.

To handle the anything unpleasant – ADJUST. I use it when my husband Sachin makes comments about the food. Once I start using ADJUST – I was not reacting to his comments (normally I do react) and he started advising me to improve the same dish instead of continuing to complain. I also reply to him by saying, “Ok next time I will correct it”.

Once I was unable to reach one shop to buy some stuff as I had forgotten the direction. I know the road and I was roaming the same road and yet I couldn’t find the shop as I had been to that shop last year. So I started chanting REACH. I reached the shop, as suddenly I found it.

Other day I was searching for some decorative items which I kept last year some where. Searched for 5 minutes, I couldn’t get it and could not remember either. Then started chanting REACH and within 2 minutes, I found out it. Sachin was surprised, normally I take a lot of time to find things and I was telling him I am using switch words.

I would like to mention here this happens with me on a daily basis.

I am very forgetful by keeping things some where and searching in different places. This used to makes my husband complain that I am an absent-minded person. After I have started chanting Switch Word REACH, whenever I am not finding the things, it takes me to the right place within no time.  I do a prayer, “Switch Word please take me to the right place” and then just started chanting in my mind REACH.

Here the point is to apply these words immediately. I guess this will come by practice. Now I know that if I am not finding, I don’t waste my time by thinking and searching. I just start using the switch word and it gives me instant results.

(Nayana Sachin)

This article is fantastic. The usage of ON is very good. This Switch Word will help a lot of people. Especially for students when they write the exam, their mind becomes blank sometimes. At that time, they can chant ON. They may chant REACH, when they scratch their heads for the right answer. I am glad Nayana could find something helpful to her.

ON also could be suggested for movie directors and others involved in creative endeavours.

(Naran S. Balakumar)

Aussies Beware!!!

I like to share my US experience here. Before going on site, I was worried of my communication with new people and how I am going to manage the new situation.

I took the following Bach Flower combinations in US:

  • Rock Water + Water Violet: Gaining respect. Rock Water + Water Violet: before going to office and during lunch time
  • Walnut: for handling new situations in USA. Carry Walnut in my pocket: Take it now and then
  • Gentian, Hornbeam: be happy in any situation (in the eve), it will take care of my tiredness too

It helped me a lot. I was able to handle new situations easily without any fear and performed well. I got good response and respect from the onsite team.  My onsite manager appreciated my work and he wrote separate appreciation mail to my offshore manager. Finally, I got best performer in this project for both India and USA.

I like to thank you and Batch Flower.

One more experience I like to share with you. Initially my project implementation is planned only two-week in US. But I wanted to stay more time in US. When I was in US I went through the document “Mudra Workshop” by Naran S. Balakumar on 20th Feb. In that document I saw the practice of Money Mudra.

Thumb (both hands) touching the tips of Ring Finger and Little finger. The mental state Worry is linked with the scarcity situation. Lack of money = Worry. Enough money on hand creates a mental state of relaxation and calmness. When you do this Mudra, you activate your calmness. This calmness in turn brings money.

I blindly followed this practice. The result of this practice was that my contract was extended for four more weeks in US.

Thanks to Balakumar and the Mudra.

(Balaji S)

The flower remedy combination used by Balaji is apt and wonderful combination that can be followed by all who go to foreign countries with apprehension. To be at ease in a foreign country – with this combination, even Australia-like assault also will not take place.

Water Violet will help you to mingle with the foreigners and make you feel part of them. Rock Water will protect against any violence and assault.

(Naran S. Balakumar)


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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