Signature Confidence

Dare 2 Do IT! June 20th 2009

Signature Confidence

Five years ago, Naran suggested Shobana to start a yoga center. When she said, she did not have any professional Certification in Yoga, he asked her to learn mastership in yoga. Thereafter she did a diploma for Yoga Masters.

But after becoming a master in yoga, she categorically refused to start the center because she was not confident at all starting one. She told Naran that she could never think of teaching anybody since she is a poor communicator. Her confidence level was below zero.

She supplicated to Naran to give her some other offer. However, Naran in order to develop her confidence level of Shobana, asked her to write the lower t with the horizontal stroke on the topmost part of vertical stroke.

She did that 108 times every day for 108 days. Then she opened up the yoga center.

She also did the affirmation, “I allow love and life to fill my life”.

Now Shobana is the yoga master of good repute. These days she gets students from both within India as well from abroad. They keep repeating the yoga sessions even after their full lessons are over.

Love Enters When Anger Exits

(Experiences of Nayana in her own words)

I have an amazing experience doing the exercise “Attitude of Gratitude” as described in the article, “Temperamental Christe” under Reiki blog:

As per the exercise, I started thanking people with whom I am angry (I was very honest and checking my memory with whom I am angry, but the list was too big), for 3 days:

Surprisingly my brother-in-law has called me from Mysore and started crying with me and said, “Sister! I just felt like talking to you”. I have not spoken with him for a long time. And for the first time he is making an ISD call to me to share his feelings.

 I was very angry with him since the time I’m married to his brother, because of his dominance in the family. Thus we had communication gap for long time. Then I had realized that I was having so much anger on him than anyone in my life.

Thanks to divinity and Naran, today I feel very light in my heart for my brother-in-law today.

(2nd Part of her experiences)

Believe me this forgiving exercise is amazing, I was angry with one part time working girl in my previous job. After I left the job I didn’t call her. After 2 1/2 of months today morning she has called me and told me that she is leaving Bahrain and she wanted to meet me before that. And I was thanking her when I was doing this exercise as I was very upset with her. Likewise, I notice one by one is calling me after I started this.

(Nayana Sachin)

Chakra pills

The pills will open up the chakras (the easy way).

Alternatively, you can chant the Bija Mantras mentioned in the Meditation blog in the article titled, “Healing Mantras for Relationships”:

You will go deeper into meditation if you take the pills and do the meditation. 

Chakras will open up effortlessly. When they open up, you will shed ego, love others, and your communication will get sweeter. In addition, you will speak with love and kindness. Most importantly you do not have to try hard to get your things done – things will happen automatically.

Please note Chakra Pills are available at the Bach Flower Center. Please contact Shobana.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I have fallen in love with this blog. Naran has beautiful tips, remedies and info on reiki, mantra and healing. please add more.

    Angel Love,

  2. Thank you!
    adding more

  3. Yes. I too have fallen in love with this blog……I can’t do without it even for a single day. I have even saved this blog on my Favourite’s List 🙂
    Thank you Naran Sir, for this wonderful gift to us.

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