Dare 2 Do IT! June 26th 2009

Dare 2 Do IT! June 26th 2009

Experiences Using Find Count Switch Words

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I was reading Naran’s blog about money woes faced by his client, who needed money for her marriage expenses (article written by M. Govindakumar). He told them to say the word “Find Count”, which is called a “Switch Word” coined by James Mangan in his book The Search of Perfect Living. He also recommended her “Sweet Chestnut and Walnut” Bach Remedies.

The “Switch Word” and “Bach Remedies” need separate articles, in this article I will focus on the “Switch Word” I learned and tested. I doubted how one word “Find Count” can help solve the money problems, so I tried to see whether it works or not.

I did the following: I chanted “Find Count” 108 times and also did “Pran Mudra” which is also called as “Money Mudra”.

Pran Mudra

You can do this Mudra by sitting erect in a chair or you can lie down in bed and do this. The recommended time is 10 minutes but for good results do 30 to 45 minutes. You can even do this when watching TV or when you talk with others. Naran S. Balakumar says the following about the purpose of doing this Mudra:

The mental state worry links with the scarcity situation. Lack of money = Worry. Enough money on hand creates a mental state of Relaxation and Calmness. When you do this Mudra, you activate your calmness. This calmness in turn, brings money into your life.

In my case I didn’t focus on Pran Mudra but did it whenever possible, but I mainly focused on the Switch Word “Find Count”. I chanted “Find Count” 108 times and did a few repetitions in one day.

The next day I received some funds from an unexpected source. I thought it was coincidence and tried it again, similar stuff happened, I received some more funds from another source. I couldn’t believe it but it happened.

You can also try it and let me know whether it worked or not. You can either say the Switch Word alone or do them both (Pran Mudra and Switch Word).

(Cgull alias Chris)

He dared and did!

(Naran S. Balakumar)

Hari Hum Meditation CD

When you inhale, chant Hari and during exhale chant Hum. When Hari enters (inhale), then Hum (ego) goes out (exhale).

This exercise is good for releasing our anger, pride and ego. A Rhythmic breathing of HARI HUM CD is available at the centre.

Case History:

I was doing Hari Hum Breathing with the CD (on inhale chant Hari, on Exhale Hum based on the speed of the mantra recited in the CD).

First five minutes I was having different thoughts circulating within. After that I felt a gush of white light filling up my entire being both inside and outside me, as if I was fully protected by the white light. I felt total silence and no thoughts were there. In between I felt that I was not breathing at all. It was a beautiful experience I want everybody to go through this experience.

(Ravi, Reiki Master)

Think Differently

A mechanic could not fix Shantha’s motor pump for a week. He mechanic tried various things. Nothing seems to be working. Shantha put pills of Oak (don’t be a hard worker, be a smart worker), Chestnut Bud (repeating the same stuff or mistakes without learning from the mistakes) inside the water tank.  Within a day, the motor pump was fixed.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks for adding my article but I have to thank you guys for sharing this information to us. Me and my friends always want scientific proof, so I tried 🙂 and it worked.

    I think it also depends on how good we are doing in our lives and the rewards will depend on that. If one wants money to do bad thing they may not get it also I think.

  2. I am finding these useful in everyday life. It brings a lot of meaning and happiness and gives a vision of what to expect from life.

  3. My uncle transferred some property in my cousins husbands name on instructions from the document writer since the parent documents were missing. Now, my cousins husband refuses to give back the property to us…the legal heirs. He says he will give it back…but keeps postponing the same and has been doing this for the past 5 yrs. He is being supported by my other cousins in the family. Please help us to get it back.

  4. Take the flower remedies, ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD CHICORY 3 doses of 6 pills each
    chant NAMASHIVAYAM 1000 times daily for 64 days.
    Then give me feed back
    best of luck

  5. My son, Siddhharth has completed M.tech in Bio-technology. But still not found a job. He is already 24, and i am very worried and tensed. Kindly help us.

    Already giving him walnut and sweetchestnut, plus started chanting from yesterday – Find, Divine-order, count, now done.
    This is just FYI. PL guide us.

  6. Come out of tension. You take rescue remedy. Tap on yourself, “I accept myself totally.
    Be in Pran Mudra for 20 minutes a day.
    he will get.

  7. Thx a bunch for the immediate reply. Need some clarification. rescue remedy to be taken how many times a day.
    also i did not understand “tap on urself” kindly explain.


  8. three times a day. Tapping is a healing technique.

  9. OK…..since i do not know the tapping technique, i am just affirming the sentence, whenever possible (thru out the day) mentioned by you. Is it fine?


    om kriya babaji nama om

  10. I have started doing pran mudra for 20 minutes daily. also taking bach flowers. feeling much better. now the anxiety for getting job for my son is slowly decreasing.
    Since i do not know tapping, i am just affirming “I accept myself totally” is it ok? thrice a day. need ur kind advise.


  11. Sairam,

    My son has not yet got the job. one of our fly friend is trying the job for him in the pharma line only, which is his line and preference. kindly pray that it should happen urgently and need divine advise. somebody predicted that he will go on changing the jobs till 2012 and will get best job only in 2013. (i.e he will settle in the job only in 2013). i am feeling very depressed. But at the same time i feel that GOD can do anything. pl advise.


  12. sairam,

    waiting for the divine reply for the above query.


  13. chant “find divine order now”
    write the satement for 21 times:
    “I activate that part of mind which believes in surrender”

  14. Sairam,

    AS per ur instruction, was chanting “Shivohum” for 20 minutes, mor and night. (This is for my hubby – whether to accept Indonesia job offer), I met a guru who is 80+, (thur a fly. friend) and he advised that the abroad offer should not be taken. And he will get his due promotion by Nov. definitely. Thx a bunch, with the above chanting we got our doubts cleared.

    Need divine advise for getting his due promotion. what mantram to be chanted?

    Thx a million once again and God bless u and ur fly


  15. waiting for the divine reply.


  16. thx. how many times to write the name and walnut. (walnut is to be written around my son’s name or husband’s name) pl clarify.

    also how many times to chant “OM Lum Namaha”. I am already chanting the 5 mantras as per the order, 3 times a day. is it fine o rneed to chant more times?




  17. Take a piece of paper. write the name. draw a circle around the name. draw another concentric circle around the first circle. in the gap, write walnut and keep it. dont do anything else other than this.
    Om lum namaha if chanted alone will stabilize him. chant this mantra alone for 300 times.

  18. Dear Naran,

    atlast my son got job of his liking. Eventhough the salary is not that great, atleast I feel that divine door has opened for him.
    The job is like meeting top Doctors / Gynac and prospective customers and present about their products. What he should chant so that their prospective clients become their permanent customers. (or which mantra to be chanted)

    Thx for helping and guiding us.

    kindly give divine advise re: my husband’s promotion. Eventhough its due, it has been denied to him. Actually he had gone into depression, but due to divine blessings, he is happyly giving his 100% to his job and not even talking about it. when he will get his promotion pl? Need divine advise

  19. waiting for divine guidance



    for your husband: chant OM HAM HAMAHA.
    wirte Vervain oak, heather in a piece of paper and ask your son to keep it with him. let him see the names and thank these flowers daily before making the calls.
    After coming back let him recoolect the day’s proceedings and thank each and every incident and persons concerned.
    After waking up in the morning, let him affirm,”i submit myself to the divine order now on”

  22. Thank u sir… already my son started doing as per ur kind advise. will update u re: his progress.

    Just let me know how many times “Om Ham Namaha” to be chanted. (for my hubby). His office has sponsored him to do MBA. So every quarter he will come to Chennai and attend the lectures/ give exams and then he will be back to home town. The duration will be for 2 yrs. KIndly suggest what should chant for getting thru to MBA. (he is little bit worried because of his age).

    Advance Thx and much thx for divine guidance.



  23. chant ambika anadinidana, ashwarooda aparajitha.
    give him ELM OAK HORNBEAM

  24. Thx sir…

    pl let me know how many times to chant “om ham namaha”.

    also gu idance reqdd. — oak/elm/hornbeam to be given for 2 yrs, OR only during his visit to chennai for exams?



  25. dear shashi
    1000 times daily.
    Give him the remedies daily during studies. After taking the remedies for 3 months, he himself will feel confident. then you can stop. let him take one dose of 5 pills each daily. during the exam let him take.

  26. Sir,

    you advised to chant ambika anadinidana aswhaarooda aparajitha

    Pls clarify on the number of times to chant.

    Thank you.

  27. Thanah,
    chant as many number of times as possible.

  28. Dear Naran,

    The other day my son Sid told me that he is short of one person to complete his target. I told him to do the needful as advised here and without any difficulty he could complete his target.

    Thx a million.



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