Typical Indian Mentality!!!

Share your experiences. But don’t give your suggestions!!


Hey website admin! Why did u delete my comment to Aruna?

I’m sure Naran wouldn’t mind us sharing his knowledge!! I just wrote what I learnt from Naran’s website!!

Website Admin

Everything happens as per his instructions.  You can share your experience but not your suggestions to others.

I don’t have any other choice, even though I personally found your suggestion interesting, which shows your commitment to healing.


Cheers for the reply and I am glad you can understand why I posted the reply!! I am sorry I misunderstood you!

I thought Naran was a very humble man but looks like he is a hypocrite after all!!

Typical Indian mentality!!


Fortunately I read your suggestions after my reply to Aruna Rani. Find the answer in 949. http://naranonline.wordpress.com/new-blogs-from-naran-s-balakumar/#comment-6186

You can suggest anything outside this blog. People do so, to so many.

You may suggest one thing and another may suggest another thing. I may suggest something else.

Why should we put the questioner in confusion? If there is one and only one suggestion, it is better.

Add to your list my reply.  Do you know why I suggested the below combination?

MIMULUS and RESCUE REMEDY: for overcoming fear.

Read carefully what is said “when I see question paper I feel it is tough & I forget everything.”

The moment he sees the question paper he feels it is tough – GENTIAN HORNBEAM will help.

Since he thinks he so he develops fear and becomes panicky (so MIMULUS and RESCUE REMEDY).


My suggestion was never meant to be a SUBSTITUTE for yours at all and will NEVER be.  I have miniscule knowledge compared to you.

I am learning and love these flowers   – my intention was not that too –since I have a very similar issue and I collect a lot from your website I shared it that’s all.

Sometimes you answer questions straight away and sometimes because you are busy you take some time–as you are doing this service totally free we cannot blame you at all.

Some people ask questions that are very similar to questions asked before many times and hence I tried to help-that’s all-no offence intended at all. If this annoyed you I’m ever so sorry.


I was never offended. Your collection of answers is always welcome. Help! Help!

Here, I don’t want any confusion here. That’s all!!


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Love is the only true reality. When anyone is angry with us they are asking for love and light. Give them reiki. (frm Naran jis blog.).

    “Mere questioning is not enough. The question must not be made with any improper motive or attitude or to trap the Guru and catch mistakes in the answer, or out of idle curiousity. It must be the earnest with a view to achieve spiritual progress or liberation.”
    When reading this post, I wish to post these words of Baba from Sai Charita (pg. 208) that I was reading just before I read this post which I felt is Divine response!!.

    Dear Admin, I authorize you to delete any comment that is is inappropriate because when I call Naran ji Guruji then I must learn to practice to read and post with meditative awareness. But we don’t, again, like all modern Indians!! 

  2. Dear Naran, I know you are above this but it offends me greatly that people are trying to control what you are doing here. Or insult you in any way. Thank you for addressing it.

    It is a MIRACLE of generosity that these pages exist. And by God’s grace above and beyond the natural that we should have the opportunity to find this and read it. Please respect Naran.

  3. Dear Sir,

    at Office, some colleagues are bothering me daily; they call me ‘Master’ and other stuff which have no relevance to me, they also force me to interact with them and others, with whom I’m not interested. Some interact with me only to find an argument taking place. Also a lot of productive time gets wasted due to this.
    Please suggest me a remedy wherein I can:
    Keep such people away,
    and maintain a formal relationship with colleagues.

    Thanks and regards,


  4. sir,
    my son is not at all interested in studies.He is only interested in going out with his friends,drinking and smoking and all bad stuff.How should i get him to study seriously so that he can get good marks and have a good career?he is in class 12

  5. milali
    give him agrimony gomedh pills from the centre.
    you take redchestnut crab apple

  6. sir ,
    thanks for all your help now they have helped me either sometimes giving me what i want or else making me strong…
    sir my aunt is recently diagnosed with sceloderma…and i feel really bad seeing her in this state…can i do something for her that she can regain her normal health..her allopathic as well as homeopathic treatment is going on…sir need ur help …

  7. Shreyas Lokras

    How to stop masturbation or how to prevent from side effects of Masturbation

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