Our prayers are answered

Bhanu Haripriya

I want to share one experience with you…

One my office subordinate was very dull sitting on his chair. I asked him the reason and he told me that his brother was blessed with a male child and is two-day old.

And the infant was admitted in a private hospital, doctors said the condition is serious and all the family members are worried.

I wrote Hare Rama Hare Krishna in a piece of paper and asked to place near the child. I chanted hare Rama Hare Krishna whenever I remembered the child and sent him Reiki too.

I prayed for Mother Kwanin to be with the child and heal him. I prayed to mother earth too.

I thought I am doing this because divine wants me to do this.

The infant was shifted from ICU to general room in 4 days, normal and ok. I thanked divine for his mercy.

I understood that the divine in the form of Reiki, and Mantras heal. And all our prayers are answered.

Thank you Naran! Thank you divine for taking care of me!!


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hello, is there any kamakshi devi mantra like other goddess (Vajreswari vamadevi, ambika anadi nidhana) mantras. if there is, please say about the mantra details.
    thank you

  2. As per Naran sir teachings the subject healing is beyond religion and deities..all the mantras given by sir contains bija aksharas or words activating the chakras and due to the vibrations healing happens as we chant them. i also wish to hear from sir on this as it enlightens all of us..i feel we can chant the mantra Durga Durgama dosha varjitha.. or Pranava roopini …mantras as all are related to Durga/kali/mother earth ..the different form of mother..sir pls guide us..

  3. Haripriya,
    the mantras are specific to their field and activity, stimulating that cosmic energy -shakthi -and bring the required healing.

  4. Hello Sir,

    A friend of mine running a profession of past life regression suddenly went to coma. He became unconscious and was admitted in the ICU. As soon as I got the message, I started chanting “Ravi is a being of Divine Fire; Ravi is the purity God Desires”.

    And lo, withing 3 days, he was shifted from ICU to the ward.


  5. One more prayer was benefit:

    A friend had constructed a new bldg with 2 houses to rent out. She was looking for good tenants. I asked her to pray: My house is a being of Divine fire; my house is the purity God desires – and every time she chanted for 2 days, she got a good tenant for each house.

    Also asked her to take help from WOLF, our best friend.

    One more observations was:

    When we chant for ourselves “I am a being of Divine Fire; I am the Purity God Desires”, all the family members or others are in good terms with us.



  6. This is great Roopa

  7. Sir i don’t want to study,i gave Neet exam 3 tines still not cleared ,i don’t started any preparation for exam , please help me
    I don’t want to study ,my focus is only on mobile ,tv .my parents are fed up by me
    Please help

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