Those switch words were a miracle


I emailed you my son-in-law’s problem at work.

That same day I searched your blog for remedies. I found “DIVINE ORDER, PRAISE, CENTAURY, HOLLY, PINE, WILLOW”.

I chanted for 3 days over the weekend and sure enough Casey his manager came and apologized for his behavior and is respecting him.

Wow! I could not believe it!!

Thank you so much, those switch words were a miracle. You are godsend to us. This is an update.

Thank you again for putting those switch words on your blog.


When somebody criticizes you and you want the person stop doing it: PRAISE

To bring justice: DIVINE ORDER

Being an associate you have to put up with your boss: CENTAURY

So you feel hatred: HOLLY

You have resentment towards your boss: WILLOW

For feeling low (esteem): PINE


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran ji
    My brother boss always tries to let him down.on the last moment he cancel already approved vacation and threatens that he will spoil my brothers confidential report.on the basis of this report every employee gets raise or per motion.

    Looking for solution.

  2. Narain Sir
    My nephew was being tortured by his wife and in-law. Now they threatened him that they will send him to jail for dowry and violence. How to cope up with this situation. My sister and nephew are very good persons they cannot harm anybody. His wife everytime mentally torture him if you will not do this i will make suicide. They have married just for six months.She starts all doing this act in 2nd month of her marriage.

    Please help so that my nephew’s life could not be dumped into darkness for no fault of them.

  3. Sir,
    Reply is still awaited. The girl, her parents and brothers has now lodged a false complaint with Police for dowry and harrasment. It seems that from girl side, huge amount will be demanded from boy’s side for separation or whatever. Now the case is with Punjab Police. I still hope some solution for my sister/jiju and nephew at your end please.

    Please help us, Sir.

  4. sir I and my husband is having problem to get our greencard we been filling all this 20 years and we have rejection on our immigration status please suggest the powerfull word that we get our greencard we been working so hard and the attorney is making all the money and we don’t get no approvel from the immigration after filling all this years please help us to get our greencard

  5. I hav a 10 year old son. After 5 yrs of divorce. I recently got married and even he is divorced and he has a 15 years old son. My husband and amd 10 years old kid dnt talk to each other my husband keep on taunting him for sum or the other thing and my kid is very emotional and gets hurt by all this and keeps on crying. My husband didn’t trust us. He only listens to him 15 yrs old. He smartly keeps on.complaing abt us . Plz help us and give sum.switch word, angel no, EC. for my kid so that he stays happy and he can share a good bond with.his.step.father. plz help

  6. I have written RRB PO Competitive final exams and waiting for results. Is there any mantra to have confidence and get positive results?

  7. Naran sir Ji
    I have written RRB PO Competitive final exams and waiting for results. Is there any mantra to have confidence and get positive results?

  8. My brother in law is enjoying all our ancestral property without paying anyone of us. Its a huge property. My husband passed away n having 30 year old daughter. I m going to ask him her share for life settlement n for wedding. I want amicable n enough for our future needs. I do hooponopono. So please give me switchword n flower medicine. Thank u.

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