River gods warned her about floods

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This is the third and final story from Girija.

She was in Uttarakhand around June 14th, 2013. Just three days before the great disaster, three women came in her dream, announcing themselves as the goddess of the rivers namely, Alakananda and Gangotri.

They warned her they have started flooding from the Himalayas. And within next two days, they will reach Uttarakhand and will create havoc. So, she better leave the place ASAP.

Next day morning, she left that place and reached New Delhi in two days. When she reached Hyderabad, she heard about the floods in Uttarakhand.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Why would they warn some and not others? Thank you.

    • it is a divine grace or gift.. like others…but i’d be as keen as you to know naran sirs answer to the question.. i also feel it is like our relationship with our body…the body talks to us but only few listen..so maybe nature and objects communicate with all (dream is one) but man has tuned out his connections? eg, animals always move to higher ground during disasters..a lot of wisdom is based in traditional knowledge.

      • I think you are right! To stay connected and open is key. Elsewhere Naran said cats will always know danger ahead of time. Cats and other animals are still connected. For sure.

  2. If we have lost connections with nature etc. thn how can we make the same so that we can also talk to nature or unanimate objects

  3. thanks r but what does it means-how to heed what we hear

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