Dare 2 Do IT! May 29th 2009

Countless Help

I am learning car driving during week ends. My instructor was in a need of money to pay for his son’s admission.  I told him to chant FIND COUNT and he did the same.  Next day, he told me that he got Rs.4000/- from his friend who returned his money due to him after four long years. 

I offered him Rs 1000/- for his son’s study.  He said he could manage his funds now.  I thank you and SwitchWords.


(S Malini)

A Miracle Is Ready To Happen

I was writing angel number 520 prior to election. 

One person came to my house and gave three election identity cards of my self and my family members saying that ward counsellor had sent those cards to me.  I was very happy to receive the same since I had to take leave or permission from my office to collect these cards.  The same ward counsellor denied getting these cards when I requested him. This is a good miracle (1st time I wrote 520). By writing 520 what is needed for us happens and we should not worry for the same.  Just keeping faith on these angel numbers will work well.

(S Malini)

How the angel number 520 has helped Malini? Who will deliver the voter identity cards? They would have kept with them and cast the bogus votes!


Calming Influence

Tom was not able to sleep well as he has a tendency to feel excited during late nights. As per suggestion from Naran S. Balakumar, he put ten pills of Calming Pills in a bottle of water and sipped it from 6 PM onwards during regular intervals. He did Chakra Balancing too as it balances the excess energy in the head (indication for too much thinking). Within a week, he was able to see results.

Shobana, the Yoga Teacher: At one time I felt there are ten Shobanas within me. Calming Pills helped me to centre myself and be as one Shobana.


A Standing Instruction

Ravi, a Reiki Master had to buy train tickets. On an average one has to stand in the queue for more than an hour or two. He wasn’t fancying that option.

So he sought the help of the animal spirit guide Wolf. He gave a standing instruction to Wolf that he doesn’t want to stand in the queue for more than fifteen minutes.

He went to the railway station. To his surprise he found out of ten counters only three were occupied by people. The rest of the seven were not filled.  He did manage to buy the tickets in fifteen minutes.

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Road Safety Mantra

Ken wanted to check whether animal spirit Wolf could be used for safety travel during travelling long-distance. 

Interestingly while driving, he saw a pothole. However he could not stop driving the car hitting the pothole. The car got stuck. With the help of people around, he could get the car out.

So he thought that may be Animal Spirits won’t work as a preventive measure.

Naran S. Balakumar: knowingly he drove the car towards the pothole. This indicates the Bach Flower Remedy Chestnut Bud.

In Ken’s case there is no need for help (in advance) and so Wolf wasn’t required. Let us say he needs to find his directions, or has to get his hotel reservation done during a festival season or he needs a travel guide when he doesn’t know where to look for one, then Wolf would have helped him.

Wolf can’t prevent accidents. It can only help. That is what it did by getting the people to get his car out of the pothole. The Animal Spirit remedies, Bach Flower remedies, Gem remedies – all these vibratory remedies are highly specific. You cannot try remedy ‘A’ for situations that require remedy ‘B’. A traditional South-Indian cook who knows how to prepare iddly and dosa can’t be asked to make Pizzas. He will not be able to. 

In Ken’s case, the Bach Flower Remedy combination that works very well for safety self-drive is Mimulus, Chestnut Bud and Impatiens.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks for the post. In this blog you said chant “Find Count” but in another it says say only “Count” which is the correct one?


  2. naranbalakumar

    both can be chanted. both are correct. Thank you

  3. Thanks Naran, I tried it, works as advertised. Thanks again for sharing this info.

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